How Do Children Build Up Their Milestones?

We have recently uncovered several child development videos recorded by the CDC that demonstrate the various child development milestones in children. These videos are very instructive and would help any mother who is in doubt as to whether their child is developing well or not.

The videos have been embedded on our website on Omega Pediatrics.

Rather than have you going from page to page looking for the videos, our IT team managed to have them all on one page so that you just have to bookmark the page and then as your child grows, you can go back there to look up what she should be doing and also see how other children did it.


I would encourage every mom who is watching a child grow to capture many of these moments and upload them to Youtube. It will help others in the future who may be looking for the same exact information.

Here is the link to the child development videos by the CDC on Omega Pediatrics Roswell main website.

Please share the page if it is in any way helpful to you.


Author: nwaneri2016

God-fearing pediatrician, technology enthusiast, obesity specialist, inventor and entrepreneur.

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